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Salespeople Pivottable Report

Excel 2010 or newer

If you have a task to create a report based on some huge amount of data, commonly you will have difficulty in managing a good sort, also finding trends and results from your data. This workbook could help you doing it like magic.This workbook contains three worksheets, which are SourceData,...

Chart » Excel 2010 »

Quarterly Sales Report

Excel 2010 or newer

If you have to report a quarterly sales achievement on some items, sometimes colorful images draw attention better than list of numbers. Using pie chart surely will make people caught a lot of quickier, which items sold better than other. By using this workbook, you can easily turn a list of items...

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Equity Reconciliation Report

Excel 2007 or newer

If you involved in investment activities, moreover in a stock market, you will be familiar with equity reconciliation report. It is a process to match your equity transaction data processed by several different system/subsystem according to the same document source. Total equity reconciliation aims...

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